CRNAs have the opportunity of working at different sites within AAM’s large and diverse network of partner providers, where they can develop and perfect various skillsets across multiple subspecialties. This provides flexibility for various career phases and changing interests.


I chose to work with AAM upon completion of my training because of the teamwork, professionalism, and camaraderie I witnessed first hand throughout my two years of training at their facilities. Multiple clinical sites with diverse patient populations and clinical specialties especially appealed to my desire to continue to grow my practice and skill. – Krysta Merritt, AAM CRNA

We are seeking a CRNA to work collaboratively with a highly talented multi-specialized team in delivering quality healthcare, safely and transparently. The ideal candidate thrives in practicing together across multiple specialties at diverse facilities throughout Massachusetts, where they can develop and perfect various skills. Click here to apply for the AAM CRNA position

For more detailed information, please contact:

Rosanna Kelleher

Clinical Recruitment Manager for AAM