Physician providers have the unique opportunity of working at different sites within AAM’s large and diverse network of partner providers, where they can develop and perfect various skillsets across multiple subspecialties. This  provides flexibility for various career phases and changing interests.

Owned and managed by physicians, the practice is structured to pragmatically address any and all physician concerns. AAM is independent yet fully integrated with partner providers, and many AAM physicians hold leadership positions at AAM or with partner providers.


“The success of our group is a direct result of the quality physicians and staff we hire.” While being recruited, the AAM CMO said this to me, and it solidified my decision to work for AAM.  Every day I am reminded of the truth in what he said.  AAM is a leader in high quality and safe patient care, has a culture that stresses teamwork and personal development, and efficiency in operations that is a direct result of the quality physicians and staff.  I am proud to be an AAM physician anesthesiologist, and I am excited about our future. – Dr. Omar Gafur, AAM Anesthesiologist